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What fun it was to read that eggs are finally safe to eat.   First we are told by the experts that they are killing us and that we must have no more than 3 a week and then following some more research it is decided that perhaps they are no so bad after all.  Whilst it is great to see that the British Nutritional Foundation has reversed its opinion  I would really like to understand how they ever thought that eggs weren’t safe.  Eggs are very rich in nutrients and essential fatty acids as well as protein. There is really very little in the world of food that is as good as an egg.  In fact the research they relied upon was dodgy at best.

This recent study concludes that health chiefs and GPs should demolish the myths about eggs and heart disease and communicate a message that there is no need to limit the number eaten as long as they are part of a healthy low saturated fat diet.

The ingrained misconception linking egg consumption to high blood cholesterol and heart disease is all to do with the logical but none the less incorrect assumption that eating foods rich in cholesterol will cause our cholesterol to rise.  About 5 years ago several peer reviewed papers were published in the UK showing that foods high in cholesterol do not have any affect on human levels of cholesterol and therefore I am still at a loss to understand why it has taken this long to get the message through to the BNF when the doctors have known about this for some time.  Could someone at the BNF please read peer reviewed papers in the medical journals as they might find them quite helpful.

But while eggs get the all clear, poor old saturated fat continues to get a good kicking from just about everyone.  This again is interesting when one looks at what has been published in medical journals on saturated fats and the fact that a number of studies have shown that when you combine saturated fats with a low carb diet the dieter’s cholesterol and health profile is better than the person following the low fat diet.  Perhaps in five years time we will see a similar about turn by the BNF over fats

So while we wait for someone at the BNF to read the medical peer reviewed journals the mass population are actively avoiding saturated fat while the real killer is starch and sugar. 


16 February 2009

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