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I was delighted to read today in the Journal of Clinical Lipidology that some of the recognised experts in nutrition in the US agree that reducing calories from starch and sugar seems to cause a radical improvement in human lipid profile.  Whilst this not news to fans of low carb diets , it is news to find that some of the experts that were sceptical of low carb diets are now beginning to recognise the easy wins with low carb. 

Whilst there is still a continued resistence in many quarters to recognise the obvious connection between insulin resistence and eating a diet rich in carbohydrates which stimulate insulin, this does feel like a very small step in the right direction. The very fact that the study actually makes this link  is a massive step forward.

” Less dietary carbohydrate requires less insulin secretion for glucose homeostasis thereby benefiting persons with insulin resistant syndrome”.

A small step for man is a huge step for the diabetic community who may finally be getting closer to a better standard of health care advice from health professionals . 

Does this mean a high fat diet ? Of course not.  Does it mean we will all die if we dont eat loads of pasta, rice and potatoes? I don’t think so.  We lived without refined carbohydrates for 10,000 years.

Good news for diabetics…Bad news for food companies and anyone who continues to fails to see the link between insulin and obesity and insulin and carbohydrates…..

10 February 2009

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