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Is it not hilarious (well would be if it was a black comedy fictional film) that we have a Sugar Reduction Summit today and the BDA are tweeting that sugar intake is not associated with insulin resistance where there is no weight gain. Lordy lord.

Sugar does NOT cause insulin resistance independent of weight gain: Luc Tappy Lausanne Uni, Switzerland #sugarsummit – STEVEN JENKINS

Frankly I think this has to be the BDAs finest hour.

This shows what a god awful mess we are in.  To make this statement is so misleading and so irrelevant it is deeply worrying. Or perhaps the BDA is getting money from the sugar lobby.

I would recommend that all diabetics (type 2) consider starting a legal action against the BDA for the advice they have been given over the past30 years . The loss suffered is the loss of eyesight, loss of limbs and generally a rotten old time.

Email if you fancy a punt.

9 July 2014

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  1. Hi Hannah, I’m so pleased to have found your website only I have been following a real food diet for 7 years now and can’t believe the falsehoods forced upon everybody almost on a daily basis by the supposed medical professionals. My father was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at the age of 58 and was put on a low fat/ high carb diet. He went downhill very rapidly and unfortunately died at 62. Although it was a few years before I found links to the diet I follow now, I kow that my father could have lived longer had he been given honest and beneficial medical and dietary advice. I eat protein and fat (saturated included) every day. I try and source all of my food myself from traditional farms and grow my own fruit and vegetables. I am a big fan of raw milk, raw butter and raw cream. My strength, vitality, balance and well-being are better than they have ever been and my colleagues in the fire service are astounded and baffled with my diet and fitness. I am 53, 6′ 3″ and weigh about 98kg. My cholestral reading is about 4 which i think is a bit low but if i didn’t have to have it done i wouldn’t as i know our bodies have 4 types of cholestral and need all of them. I found a lot of my information on the Price Pottenger Foundation.
    Kind regards

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